Unrealia is a country from Unknown World which originated in the Unrealian Penisula. It was one of the main superpowers from it's establishment around 7,660 UY until it's end in 9,678 UY with the occupation of the Moxians in the north,Kekians in west and the Zenixians in the east. After the GRB,the unrealian survivors escaped to another planet taking one of polini's spaceships and that seems to be Other World.


Early Tribes (5,000 PUY - 0 UY)

The first tribes arrived to the unrealian penisula from the north during the Ice Age of the 6,500 PUY - 4,700 PUY and started living a nomade life until in the 0 UY the "Inchmism" spread fastly to all the unrealian tribes and also it's reported that the unrealians were the first to count time.

Unrealian Tribal Union (0 UY - 7,660 UY)

Misteriously the tribes started collaborating and created an organized government between them,it's known as the "Unrealian Tribal Union" and it lived even beyond it's end in 7,660 UY until the Unrealian Kingdom absorbed most of the tribes with the First Unrealian Expansion. They started developing an early map of the Marina Region,some rifts and then even small boats to trade with Tatoania and Zenix creating a first trade line,starts developing stone defences and weapons,then the Agriculture Revolution spreads from the Deliaxian Tribes,and it quickly reaches the Unrealian Tribes making them one of the first tribes to have agriculture. Then with the discovery of bronze,they start developing alot of new things with it and they even start a small expansion in the Impernaria and in the Unitaria regions,they discovers new civilizations like Meyk and Itan. The turning point is when Seanity,a new religion based on beliving that the sea is something divine,spread on all the Unrealian Tribes and they decided to make a Kingdom around it.

Unrealian Kingdom Unrealian Kingdom (7,660 UY - 8,175 UY)

After the estabilishment of the Unrealian Kingdom,it started the Second Unrealian Expansion that was actually a massive expansion in the internal territories and pushing some tribes still in the Unrealian Tribal Union to the north.