The timeline in UWR is a complicated one, which consists of multiple parts, mainly pre-history, early history, antiquity, and modern history. This timeline extends from ~9900 PUY(~18,692 BT) to 10,028 UY, which is a span of 19,928 Years of history.

Measures of Time

PUY: Prior Unknown Year

UH: Unknown Holocene

BT: Before Telos[Polini]

UY: Unknown Year[Universal Time Measure]

AT: After Telos[Polini]


Pre-History(9900 PUY/-9900 UY - 0UY/PUY)

9900 PUY/18,692 BT/0 UH- First Remnants of Civilization. Unknown Holocene Calendar begins.

4000 PUY/12792 BT/5900 UH- Polinian Tribes Arive at Polinian Shore.

Early History

0 UY/8,792 BT/9900 UH- Official time within UWR begins. RP starts.

1000 UY/7792/10900 UH- Fukusūnosedainosensō[Means "War of multiple generations"], Interwar in Polinian tribes begins.