eat an ass
— Matteo MMCDLXIV, 2174th Emperor of the Matterion Empire

The Glorious All-Powerful Godly Matterion Multiversal Empire, simply known as Matterion, is a country present in every plane of existence, every dimension etc. It is commanded by Gods, aka direct descendants of Matteo I, the most powerful godlike being that has ever existed, theorized to have created the Otherans in the first place. They are so strong that never in their history have they lost a single man through thousands of wars - thats how fucking strong they are. Jesus christ, they never lost a war. They are 100% Matterion race, a race (not Humans) that has a lifespan of around 500 years.


I dont fucking know fam all ik is that they existed since forever


The First Emperor, Matteo I, was the creator of the entire Multiverse. And after roughly 60000 years, his legacy carries on, as the current emperor being Matteo MMMCCXIV (Matteo the 3214th). All of them were named after him in sign of respect.


According to records, the army is roughly shaped like this:

50,000,000,000 normal soldiers (1000000x better than Earth soldiers)

40,000,000 extra thicc soldiers (1000000000000x better than normal soldiers)

1x literally god holy shit (∞x better than any unit in the multiverse)

This is the strongest military in the entire multiverse by a mile.

The time when Unrealia got wrecked xdd

SO THERE WAS THIS ONE TIME when the Not at all Glorious Gay Empire of Unrealia challenged the allmighty Matterions to a war. The war lastd for 90000000000 years and became known as the War In Which the Unrealians became Gay. Not only did Unrealia become gay, but suddenly also the entire fucking multiverse. Everything became gay. gg.