From now on, war will be our last resource.
— King Zarmetio VII, 9,851 UY

Apsonia (Officially known as Kingdom of Apsonia) is a country from Unknown World originated in the Apsonian Peninsula. When he was just a small nation it was Atheist, but when it grew and expanded Taenia sent Tristians to Apsonia and converted it. It participated in 2 wars, Operation Thanogath and Operation Odissey, wich expanded its territories. It was always a very stable nation and never had a civil war.


Early Tribes (15 UY - 1945 UY)

The first tribes arrived to the Apsonian Peninsula in 15 UY, they settled some villages and developed until they created a primitive government and formed Ihpsonia.

Primitive Ihpsonia Ihpsonia (1945 UY - 2366 UY)

At first, Ihpsonia wasn't that organized legally, but as a primitive nation they all wanted to survive so there was peace and they helped each other, but later they became a republic in 2366 UY.

Republican Ihpsonia Republican Ihpsonia (2366 UY - 8320 UY)

The Republic of Ihpsonia was a success, the economy grew and the people were happy with the change, but the only problem was the outside relations, they didn't have people to trade with and they didn't expand their territory but they had high quality fish to trade so their economy could be better than it was, Ihpsonia finally came to an end in 8320 UY when monarchist took over the nation and declared Zarmetio I as the king of Ihpsonia, wich was renamed 6 months later as Apsonia.

Expansion of Apsonia Apsonia-1 (8320 UY - 9743 UY)

When Apsonia became a kingdom it began to develop boats to navigate the ocean, it discovered the Meykian Archipelago and expanded in all directions, it discovered Titania in the north, and conquered it in 9100 UY. Another country appeared before in 8509 UY called Amerisera, and it worried the king because it was expanding very quickly, it also threatened to attack so Apsonia attacked Amerisera in Operation Thanogath but it recovered later and improved relations with Apsonia. The Meykian Republic was attacked on Operation Thanogath by Apsonia and the Deliaxian Empire.



  • Taenia - It boosted Apsonia's economy and technology.
  • Amerisera - They made a Non-Agression pact although it threatened Apsonia in the past
  • Polini - It supported Apsonia in Operation Thanogath and Operation Odissey.


  • Basically everyone except Allies and Enemies.


  • Meykian Republic - An enemy of war.